Keith S Coker


“The Social Philosopher”

Apple & MacOS Technology Consultant

Musician - Flautist / Flute Player

Liscenced Massage Therapist

FL MA#20372

Music, Macintosh Computers, Massage, Flutes, Yoga, Astrology, Bicycling, Kids, Camping, Good Cooking, Vegetarianism, Dancing under the Stars, Romance, Frisbee, Swimming, The Beach, Sailing, Canoeing, Kayaking, Skulling, Hiking, The Mountains, Massage & Alternative/Holistic Healing Practices, Reading, Personal Growth and Evolution, Travel, Clothes & Costumes, Fine Art & Cool Crafts, World Music, World Religion, Sufism, Buddhism, Taoism, Mysticism & World Culture, Mother Nature, French Language and Foreign Films, Fantasy/Sci-Fi, Multi-Media Fusion, Conceptual & Digital Fine Art, Technology, The Cutting Edge, Quality Entertainment, Real Conversations, Diversity & Eclecticism, Dissolving Cultural and Gender Barriers, Ecological, Social, & Quantum Awareness, Conscientious & Alternative Lifestyles,  Creature Comfort and Cosmology...